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Whole Body Vibration

Importance of the Vibration Machine to our Bodies


A whole body vibration machine is a machine in which an individual stands or lie on a machine which has got some vibrating mechanisms and as the machine produce vibrations it transmits the energy to your body making your muscles to contract and relax many times. Click here to get started.


The machine helps our bodies in the many ways such as: first it activates the blood circulation system in the body. Through the rhythmic contractions and relaxations of the body muscles, blood circulation is enhanced because during the training the blood capillaries tend to be enlarged such that blood flows freely in the body. This will also enhance in metabolic processes in the body as the waste products are eliminated with ease.


Vibration machines increases the strength of our body muscles. When one is forcing the muscles to hold to a point on the vibration plate the body will activate more points of motor that will help to maintain this contraction and as the vibrations go on the motor points that are involved are forced to contract continuously allowing the body muscles to achieve a state of contraction thus maturing very rapidly and as a result increasing the strength of the body muscles.


They increases the flexibility of the body. The contractions and relaxations of the body muscles helps the body to be flexible and strong in order to move smoothly. This helps the muscles to work in a full range of motion allowing our bodies and joints to continue performing the movements without much struggles. The flexibility is also enhanced by the decrease in the amount of cellulite in the body.


A cellulite is a persistent subcutaneous fat that causes dimpling of the skin. The body vibration machine flatten out the loose connective tissue known as adipose globules which is located under the skin by burning them thus making the skin to look smoother and more toned . In this the body will be flexible and mobility will be easier.


The vibration machines also act a key role in stress reduction which is very important. Through exercising or relaxing on the machine tension stress is reduced since the machines massage one's body making feel good thus reducing stress levels and depression in an individual. Lastly vibration machines help in pain reduction by inhibiting pain through release of pain reducing neurochemicals by activating the vibrations sensory receptors which stimulate and soothe the nervous system. 


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